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The Best Thing In The World

  At some 2300 miles in length, the Mississippi is the longest river in the United States。 At some 1000 miles, the Mackenzie is the longest river in Canada。 But these waterways seem mute in comparison to the world’s two longest rivers --- the Nile and the Amazon。 The Nile, which begins in central Africa and flows over 4100 miles north into the Mediterranean。 Host to one of the world’s great ancient civilizations along its shores, Calm and peaceful for most of the year, the Nile used to flood annually。 Their by creating, irrigating and caring new top soil to the nearby farmland on which ancient Egypt depended for a livelihood。 As a means of transportation, the river carried various vessels up and down its length。 A journey through the unconstructed part of this waterway today would pass by the splendid valley of the kings with tombs of many of these ancient monarchs, having stood for over 3000 years。 Great civilizations and intensive settlements are hardly associated with the Amazon。 Yet this 4000 mile-long south American river carries about 20% of the world’s fresh water, more than the Mississippi, Nile and the Mackenzie combined。 Other statistics are equally astonishing。 the Amazon is so wide at some points that from its center neither shore can be seen。 Each second the Amazon pours some 55 million gallons of water into the Atlantic。 There, at it’s mouth stands one island larger than Switzland。 Most important of all, the Amazon irrigates the largest tropical rainforest on earth。

UNIT 06 River

bob体育官方平台,Once upon a time, there were four brothers who lived in a far away land. Their father was an old king. One day he said, "I will not live long now. Today you must start out into the world. In a year, bring back the best thing you have found. The one who can pick the best thing shall be the new king." The first brother said, "I will look in every city or town. I will buy the best thing I can for my father." The next two brothers said, "We will both go on fast ships over the sea. We will find something better." The last brother said, "I am going to ask the people here in our own land to tell me the best thing." The other three brothers began to laugh. "Then you will never be king!" They said.

  9。 What can be found in the valley of the kings?

A river is usually fresh water and it flows toward an ocean or a lake. The Nile River is the longest river in the world, and it is about 4,170 miles long. Also, it flows through nine different countries. The Nile River helped the people of Egypt in ancient times and even today. 95 percent of Egypt’s population lives on the bank of the Nile River。

The last brother started off. When he had gone about six miles, he met a man. "What do you carry in those big bags?" he asked. "The best thing in the world," said the man. "These are full of the good nuts which fall from my five nut trees." "I don't think that would work," said the brother to himself, "I must try again." The brother went on another seven miles. He found a small brown bird. It had been hurt, so he put it in his coat where it could keep warm. As he went on, he saw a little girl crying. He ran to meet her. "Why are you crying?" he asked. "I want to get some water from the well," she said. "We use so much. We drink cold water. We wash the clothes clean with hot water. But I do not know how to pull it up. Please show me." The brother said, "Hold this bird and I will help you. It does not fly around any more because it got its wing cut." "Thank you. What a pretty bird!" she said. "I wish you would give it to me. If you will let me keep it, I will always be very kind to it. I will take care of it myself. I will make it grow well again." "Yes, you may have it," said the brother. So he gave her the bird and went on.

  10。 In what way is the Amazon different from other big rivers?

Select True or False

At night, he went to sleep under a round yellow haystack. When it was light again he walked on. Every day he would walk eight or ten miles. He asked the people about the best thing in the world. Some said it was best to sing. Some said it was best to run and jump and play. Some said the green grass was best. Some liked the red and blue and white flowers best. One man said the best thing was to ride a black horse. He always stopped to help people who needed it. Soon he made many friends. All the people began to like him. They would say, "See there goes the king's son. He would be just the right kind of king for us." Every door was open to him. The people would call to him to stop. They would ask him to come and eat with them. After he ate, he would sit down and read to the children. After he read, he showed them how to draw and write. Months went by. He still had no beautiful thing to take to his father. Just before the year was done, he went home again.

bob体育官网,  11。 What does the speaker say about the Amazon?

❶ The Nile River flows through different countries. (T/F)

The time came when the king called his sons together. "What did you bring?" He asked them all. The other brothers had many beautiful things. "And what did you bring?" said the king to the last brother. "This is too funny!" said the other brothers. "He has nothing!" But the king was kind to the last brother. "What did you bring me?" the king asked again. "I bring only the friendship of your people," said the last  brother. "That is the best thing!" cried his father. "You shall be the new king."


❷ The Nile River is the longest river in the world. (T/F)

The End

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❸ The Nile River is fresh water. (T/F)

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