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  Private cars used to be a luxury for most Chinese people, while today they can be seen everywhere in China as an indispensable part of life。 Not only do people drive to and from work, but they often travel by car。 In some cities, the growth of cars is so fast that the problems of traffic jams and lack of parking space become more severe。 The municipal governments of these cities therefore have to introduce new rules to limit the number of cars on the road。 Also, the increasingly serious air pollution has driven more consumers to choose new energy vehicles, so the Chinese government has taken some measures to support the development of new energy vehicles。 (117)






  China currently has the world’s largest and fastest high-speed railway network。 The speed of high-speed trains will continue to increase, and more cities will build high-speed railway stations。 High-speed rail greatly reduces travel time。 Compared with aircraft, high-speed trains boast the outstanding advantage of punctuality, because they are hardly affected by weather or traffic control。 The high-speed train has greatly changed Chinese people’s way of life。 Today, it has become the preferred means of transport for many people on business trips。 Also, a growing number of people travel by high-speed trains during holidays。 Many young people even choose to work in a city and live in a nearby city, commuting by them。 (112)

  In the past, having a private car was a luxury for most Chinese people。 Today, private cars are everywhere in China。 Cars have become an indispensable part of people’ lives。 Not only do they drive to work, they often travel by car。 In some cities, the growth of cars is so fast that the problem of traffic jams and lack of parking space is becoming more and more serious。 The governments of these cities have to issue new rules to limit the number of cars on the road。 As air pollution has become increasingly serious, more and more people are now choosing to purchase new energy vehicles。 The Chinese government has also taken some measures to support the development of new energy vehicles。





  Bicycles were once the most important means of transport in China‘s urban and rural areas, which made China “the kingdom of bike。” Nowadays, as urban traffic congestion and air pollution become more serious, cycling has gained popularity again。 Recently, Chinese entrepreneurs, combining mobile Internet technology with traditional bicycles, invented a business model called shared bicycles。 The advent of shared bicycles makes cycling more convenient, for a shared bicycle can be used anytime with one mobile phone alone。 In order to encourage people to travel by bike, many cities have built bicycle lanes。 Now, more Chinese people also like to exercise by cycling。 (102)

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